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“ Dispute resolution hearings depend on paperwork and a landlord is unlikely to win a claim without an agreed inventory.”

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

A detailed and accurate inventory of the property is essential if you hope to retain a portion of the tenant’s deposit.

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An inventory will form the basis of your claim for recompense from the tenant, therefore the original inventory is produced to the highest standard.

We believe that a property inventory is actually one of the most important documents to have during a tenancy and one that every Landlord should get. 

Your inventory is a vitally important record of your property. Should there be any dispute at the end of a tenancy, the inventory will form the basis of your claim for recompense from the tenant. It is essential, therefore, that the original inventory is produced to the highest standard.
Producing a quality inventory that offers you the best chance of winning a dispute requires rigorous training and a wealth of experience. When you choose Chase Inventory Services, you’re choosing a company that creates many inventories and tenancy reports daily.
Our staff know exactly what is required to ensure there is no ambiguity when giving a detailed description of the condition of your property

If your property suffers damage during a tenancy, a detailed and accurate inventory of the property is essential if you hope to retain a portion of the tenant’s deposit to cover the costs of repair.
The inventory forms part of the contract between landlord and tenant and must be of sufficient detail to remove all uncertainty when it comes to  a discussion of missing or damaged property or contents.
Dispute resolution hearings depend on paperwork and a landlord is unlikely to win a claim without an agreed inventory. Allowing a tenancy to start without the creation of an up-to-date and complete inventory may expose you to financial risk.

“Dispute resolution hearings depend on paperwork and a landlord is unlikely to win a claim without an agreed inventory.”

Your property is one of your most valuable assets. That means you do your best to protect your investment and to maintain its rental potential. Unfortunately, time, accidents, negligence, and even wilful damage can impact your property, no matter how carefully you choose your tenants.

Beacons Business Services helps you minimise that impact.

We will produce detailed and accurate inventories of your property, perform interim inspections, and complete reports at the start and end of tenancies. These services are more important than ever in the light of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).


On Tuesday 12 June 2018 the Welsh Government introduced the Renting Homes (Fees etc) (Wales) Bill to ban fees charged in the private rented sector.

The Bill will ban tenants from being charged for anything other than Rent, Security Deposits, Holding Deposits, Utilities, Communication Services, Council Tax and Default Fees.

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